Why buy American?

When you purchase something American made it has more impact than most people think. You’re taking an active role in the health and future of our country.  Each spending choice we make speaks to that.  Purchasing American secures a healthy economy, promotes and keeps jobs within our borders.

Purchase your American made flag here from links on this site. Recycle the money that you, as an American have worked hard for. Keep the money in our country, supporting Americans.


American manufacturing adhere to very strict environmental standards and a high level of attention to the health of our national environment and the world as a whole. Spending choices on American products assist in the health of our planet as well.

Maintaining the highest standards of human rights in the world, American companies pride themselves in a strong and dedicated workforce and management style that offers safety, growth and stability.

Do your part, the next time you have a choice, purchase American made. American Proud and proudly made.